Patient Survey


We are continuously looking at ways we can improve our services. Your opinions are therefore very valuable.

1. Thinking about your GP practice overall, how was your experience of the services?
2. Ability to get through to the surgery on the phone?
3. Time taken to attend to you when you come into the surgery?
4. The way you were treated by reception staff?
5. How quickly it takes you to see a doctor?
6. How quickly it takes you to see a nurse?
7. How well the doctor explains your problems or treatment?
8. How well the doctor or nurse listens to what you had to say?
11. What would you prefer about your type of consultation?
12. Would you recommend the surgery to friend and family?
14. Are you?
15. Who are you?
16. What is your age group?
17. What is your employment status?
We thank you for your time and feedback.
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